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This lexical use by Torres is authoritative, meant to legitimize her own position as stenographer, translator, and linguistic historian of the immigrant community in Houston based on her own dialectal eruditeness.
Thirdly, their complexity is shown by the increasing concerns that "[t]here would be no way of answering such questions through the means of reductionist studies conducted within the narrow bounds of disciplinary eruditeness, local technocratic wisdom or the self-serving interpretations of pressure groups" (22).
Indeed, in a work notorious for its referential plurality and vast eruditeness, we find but one episode where Brazil constitutes a "literary space," when Borges makes a reference to Euclides da Cunha's Os Sertoes (1902) in a footnote to "Tres versiones de Judas" (OC 516).
I wonder if it has been important to him to show off his eruditeness, an intellectual chip exorcised from his shoulder and springing from a childhood absent from books.