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The hallmark of the day was Lonsdale's ability to speak eruditely and always to present a balanced view of any situation in such a way that what he said could be appreciated by an audience sure to benefit from his views.
What Kimmel gives us, in her eruditely homespun way, is hope: hope that we can fix ourselves, hope that we can get up in the morning, hope that things won't get any worse.
Eruditely providing an astonishing amount of abundant examples from pre-Achaemenid Iran, the "Semiticization" of Sumerian, writing in second-millennium B.
It's actually too eruditely loquacious for its own good.
In Trafficking Subjects: The Politics of Mobility in Nineteenth-Century America, Mark Simpson, Associate Professor of English at the University of Alberta, offers us a compendium of nineteenth-century travel narratives, what he eruditely labels "scenes of traffic and transit" (iv).
An essay by Peter Grant of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife service eruditely brings together an ecological history, memoir and plea for attention to the island's environment.
Nor is a rigid systematic approach to leader development the right answer, as the authors eruditely demonstrate.
She's tall, blond, bright, an eruditely witty prattler who obviously has doctored the contents of that Diet Coke can.
I am effectively suggesting the submergence of the post-colonial, petty nationalist state which has been the hallmark of the African political and economic scene since the 1960s, and, let it be said, its curse, as Basil Davidson so eruditely chronicled in his The Curse of African Nationalism into a new, more unified structure.
I was fascinated to hear Sam Torrance talking so eruditely on television during The Open about a shot played by Gene Sarazen in 1923 on one of Troon's trickier holes.
Mr Coltman said: "It was a fascinating talk from Brian who very eruditely outlined where our future lies and how we can ensure we are in a position to succeed.
By deftly and eruditely elucidating the problematics of his time and by following the full expanse of his philosophical career, Bukdahl's Kierkegaard comes closer to someone like Levinas.
But rather than chronologically write about this search, Giscombe eruditely riffs back and forth across time and terrain.
By clearly distinguishing the diverse meanings of such terms in the Chinese context, showing how they changed in the 1990s and diverged from the equally esoteric, often neo-Marxist Western usages from which they derived, Ben Xu is able neatly and eruditely to explicate a wide and otherwise bewildering array of Chinese intellectual and ideological positions.
Carr argued so eruditely nearly fifty years ago, because `history is interpretation' it helps to know which particular bee an historian may have concealed in his or her bonnet.