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Synonyms for erudite

Synonyms for erudite

having or showing profound knowledge and scholarship

Synonyms for erudite

having or showing profound knowledge


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originally precisely that of our H, but the erudite Dr.
Mr Squeers, not being remarkably erudite, appeared to be considerably puzzled by this first prize, which was in an engrossing hand, and not very legible except to a practised eye.
What had once, and at no remote period, been called, even by the erudite Miss Twinkleton herself,
Pickwick lectured upon the discovery at a General Club Meeting, convened on the night succeeding their return, and entered into a variety of ingenious and erudite speculations on the meaning of the inscription.
GSE Erudite Software is extremely pleased with the continued growth of our business relationship with Northwest Pipeline," said Gene Loveridge, Sr.
This is why every American--with the possible exception of the erudite Professor Gingrich--should be required to watch the PBS series America's War on Poverty, written, directed, and produced by Leslie Farrell, with Henry Hampton (who did Eyes on the Prize) as executive director.
The title refers to the Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934), who gave an erudite character to such Brazilian popular rhythms as the choro and maxixe.
Not unexpectedly, John Kerry's language was more erudite than George Bush's--but only slightly.
Beatrice (Tris) must hide her status because Divergents threaten the finely balanced system and are being hunted by Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet), strident leader of Erudite.
In the past few weeks, ``Deadwood,'' David Milch's inside-the-sausage-factory glimpse of the creation of a society in the late 1800s, has ascended from merely being considered in some erudite circles the finest achievement in television history to the martyr in the struggle between art and commerce.
Such resentment is by now common in the US, where a veneer of quality was built up in the last 25 years through a combination of erudite theorising and saturation publishing that brainwashed the architectural world into believing that the East Coast of the US was where it was at.
The reader is also presented with an erudite discussion of the diverse ways in which archaeologists should approach obsidian research and a thorough survey of archeological obsidian studies that has methodological and theoretical applications for any archaeological dig anywhere in the world.
This is not "Evolution for Dummies," but an erudite analysis of the love-hate relationship of science and religion.
Passport To Life is also an erudite and scholarly treatise on the nature of hatred, and the core human impulses that are all too easily channeled into sadistic and masochistic fervor ("you have to be carefully taught not to hate", the author warns), whether by organized religion, ideology, totalitarian government, or other sources.
We honestly believe that most of the speakers who use the term actually think it makes them sound erudite.