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(of volcanos) pouring out fumes or lava (or a deposit so formed)

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In ruminants, megaesophagus can cause bloat by obstructing the eructation (RADOSTITS et al.
Boris's burps might be amusing the first few times that you hear then, but, like Bryant's eructations all those years ago, grow tiresome because they suggest a man who wants attention simply for its own sake.
There may be sour eructations, abdominal distension and a history of anal prolapse, as well as a desire for indigestible things.
Most of these potentially attributable events were gastrointestinal disorders, notably eructation.
Adverse events that occurred in 10% or more patients included abdominal distension, flatulence, eructation, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
He says the costs do not justify the end result, that there is hardly any learning taking place in most places and the quality of eructation has nosedived in the last few decades.
The only adverse event that occurred more often in the DHA group than in the controls was eructation.
3) Enteric fermentation is the production and release of methane via eructation (burping) and flatulence as ruminant animals digest their feed.
So the fourth degree of inhalatory tic, the hiccough, is paired with what has to be the fourth degree of exhalatory tic, the eructation or belch (in the sequence cough, laugh, bark, and belch).
The initial moments of the video-poem repeat the command beba coca-cola in a cacophonous counterpoint of voices, which is abruptly silenced by a Coca-Cola induced eructation, followed by a round of applause.
The fish oil generally was well-tolerated, except for occasional eructation and slight increase in LDL levels when greater than 3 grams of fish oil per day was consumed (Kris-Etherton et al.
Interference with the process of eructation results in a serious buildup of pressure in the reticulo-rumen and is called bloat.
Some of it gels squeezed back out of your mouth, causing eructation (ih-rehk-TAY-shun), a fancy word for burping.
Laparoscopic reflux surgery is associated with lower morbidity and cost, compared with open surgery, but studies have shown higher rates of postoperative flatulence, dysphagia, eructation, and diarrhea.