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Synonyms for ersatz

Synonyms for ersatz

an inferior substitute imitating an original

Synonyms for ersatz

an artificial or inferior substitute or imitation

artificial and inferior


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Ersatz by Kevan Ogden can be seen in the upstairs studio of the People's Theatre in Stephenson Road, Newcastle, at 7.
Ersatz, who hands him his imitation meerschaum pipe and his artificial leather slippers.
It's the PU model scope we currently see being used to create an ersatz sniper.
One gets the feeling that Anderson is less interested in the fox's ability to speak than in its unaccountable "fakeness"--an ersatz quality familiar to anyone who finds him or herself immersed in a dream's hyperbolic terms.
The ersatz quotes that head each chapter give the tale a classic feel.
In this scenario, control over the body became an ersatz belief for people's increasing sense of loss of power over their lives.
cummings-inspired SMART franchise, otherwise the FORFOUR would have broken cover here as an ersatz off-roader this year.
Peter Fish described ersatz spa-ing in Scottsdale, Arizona.
An ersatz June Taylor number, (bite choreographed by Mercedes Ellington, opened the show.
I've really enjoyed your articles on Ersatz languages.
Unlike some of the major corporate frauds that followed, it wasn't just about padding numbers; it was also about creating artificial business by taking names out of telephone books and transforming those names into ersatz policyholders.
Call it the demiurge cycle, after the Gnostic notion that our world is governed by a mad ersatz God.
Pedestrians walking by Lane's Flooring and Interior in Manhattan are either chuckling or grumbling about a new window display featuring a Martha Stewart-like mannequin wearing a striped prison suit in a jail cell that is spacious and coordinated, despite the (painted) bars and ersatz stone walls.
They don't have the skills to tell ersatz magic from the real thing, for as children they daily invested the ersatz with what imagination they had.