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capable of making an error


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The combination of rapid but error-prone repair, the authors suggest, leads basal cells to accumulate a high burden of mutations that ultimately leads to carcinoma.
Caroline Wozniacki has cleared one of the major hurdles in her bid to win the US Open after easing past an error-prone Maria Sharapova, who is still battling to regain her best form after struggling with injuries for the past two seasons.
So a unifying cause of avoidable costs to a malpractice carrier is error-prone opinions from some medical experts.
Ipanto Suite represents the dawn of a new generation of DNS/DHCP configurator and IP Address Management and introduces a lot of innovations for maximum efficiency, error-prone operations and hassle-free administration.
This enables collaborative workgroups in departments such as finance and sales to share spreadsheet data without the typical error-prone method of email and cut-and-paste.
Importing bibliographies into EndNote eliminates the tedious and error-prone task of manual reference transcribing.
Scanning the millions of lines of a computer program's instructions in order to find inconsistencies and other problems is a time-consuming, error-prone task -- even when the process is automated.
Cabinet NG's electronic document management solution transforms labor-intensive, error-prone, paper-based processes into efficient business workflows.
The data reconciliation process can be time-consuming and error-prone, whether an organization uses a middleware solution to move records from a front-office system to a back-office system or manually re-enters the data into different systems.
The Westlake High baseball team relied on fine hitting and dominating pitching to compensate for an error-prone defense most of the season, but this deep into the postseason, it didn't work.
The gene described in the current study belongs to the error-free group, but having identified it makes it easier to find other genes involved in DNA repair, including the error-prone ones.
Scrambling with already over-burdened staff to update systems manually is error-prone, time-consuming, and an extraordinary waste of valuable resources.
Kafelnikov's steady baseline play gave him a 4-6, 6-0, 6-3, 7-6 (7-1) victory over an unusually error-prone Thomas Enqvist, who double faulted for the seventh time on match point and made 62 unforced errors.
Although most researchers regard the subterranean waterworks as the products of early, error-prone engineers and construction workers, a new analysis indicates that residents of the holy city skillfully altered a natural network of underground channels and tunnels to ensure a dependable water supply.
Netuitive SI eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual thresholding and baselining.
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