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Synonyms for erroneously

Synonyms for erroneously

in a mistaken manner


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A story about smart meters in Tuesday's City/Region erroneously said that the utility hoped to roll out its plans in late 2013.
Furthermore, the Namibian Competition Commission has never approved the merger, so any media reports stating otherwise have been erroneously published," she concluded.
Quinones was erroneously identified as an attorney.
The word 'panentheism' was used in three places in the original script but was erroneously printed as 'pantheism' in the published copy of Catholic Insight (Nov.
The district court noted that taxes paid erroneously under section 6401(c) were overpayments.
His parents were erroneously notified of his death when he was a World War I fighter pilot; his killing a man in hand-to-hand combat apparently readied him for life in Hollywood.
The district court affirmed, finding that the defendant was not entitled to credit for time spent erroneously at liberty when there was a delay in executing her sentence, and that an eight-year delay in the enforcement of her sentence did not violate due process.
During the recent presidential campaign, liberals erroneously claimed that research using destroyed human embryos was needed to cure a variety of diseases because research had shown that adult stem cells (obtained from umbilical cord blood and human tat, among other sources) did not readily change into other types of cells--such as bone cells and nerve cells.
lead to an erosion of public confidence in the system" and increase the number of people erroneously detained at airports.
Specifically, Miller complained that the courts have erroneously suggested that the First Amendment calls for the separation of church and state.
In a news release issued by the company this morning, operating revenue for 2002 was erroneously reported as $4.
For the "OPP" (Other People's Poetry) moment, I was impressed that Lemon chose to honor the late Etheridge Knight by including "Shine" (although Lemon is erroneously noted as the poem's author).
In a January 14 article on the seminar preparing property managers for disasters (page 32), REW erroneously identified Attainium as the event sponsor.
Our annual feature on new BE 100S companies ("The Freshman Class," June 2003) erroneously listed Vanguard Holdings (No.