erroneous belief

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a misconception resulting from incorrect information


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Second, and not unrelated to the above, is the erroneous belief that people with HIV/AIDS are some kind of a problem and not part of the solution to the epidemic.
It is probable that language learners have been exposed to common and, in some cases, erroneous beliefs about language learning.
The church's "forgetting" of Israel results in the erroneous belief that "God's identity as the God of Israel and God's history with the Jewish people [is] largely indecisive for the Christian conception of God," 33.
The attorney and the CPA met with the IRS and came away with the erroneous belief that the IRS was canceling the tax liability as a result of the meeting.
In three cases described in the September AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, this erroneous belief that AIDS had been contracted disappeared with successful treatment of the person's severe depression or manic depression.
And if the TTP thinks with terrorist attacks it could coerce or bully the state into conceding its demands, that too arguably is its erroneous belief.
Most of the rest of the world doesn't seem to agree, but even our legal system supports this erroneous belief with drink often being accepted as a mitigating factor.
Even worse, efforts to retract misinformation often backfire, paradoxically amplifying the effect of the erroneous belief.
The recent crisis and period of deflation contributed to the erroneous belief that "cash is king" and in blind belief and confidence in cash and deposits.
Sure enough, with a little pressure from the Clinton administration, the PLO resumed negotiations with Israel despite the continued colony expansion in the erroneous belief that Israel's colonization would magically be reversed by negotiations.
In the attorney general's case, the lender wired money into his legal business account based on the erroneous belief that the homeowner was selling the property for the inflated price.
It was this arrogant, misplaced and erroneous belief that determined Ashleigh's fate.
As an atheist, I am far from convinced that erroneous belief in some mythical and abstract Spirit in the Sky will bring about an awakening of a tolerant and moral world.
The main aim of this anthology is to present views on democratization in the Middle East by "Arabs who are neither Western puppets nor fanatical nationalists or Islamists, but rather academics with a vast knowledge of the Middle East as well as of the West" (to quote the introduction), thus going beyond the West's erroneous belief that the Arab world is a static entity that should be pushed to democracy by military and economic means and the equally erroneous tendency in the Arab world to blame everything on others.
One focus of the CBT involves erasing the erroneous belief that gambling losses will be recovered, Dr.