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Synonyms for erroneous

Synonyms for erroneous

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containing or characterized by error

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We may hold that the beliefs that constitute knowledge are distinguished from such as are erroneous or uncertain by properties which are intrinsic either to single beliefs or to systems of beliefs, being in either case discoverable without reference to outside fact.
We believe that our beliefs are sometimes erroneous, and we wish to be able to select a certain class of beliefs which are never erroneous.
So few think of reading Church history, that erroneous notions deliberately sown among the people lead them to condemn the Church; yet the Church has been a pattern of perfect government such as men seek to establish to-day.
It is his business to ascertain the tendency of erroneous notions popularly held, to see the exact direction in which the ideas of a nation are tending; he labors for the future rather than for the present, and for the rising generation rather than for the one that is passing away.
They rightly claimed that "Tom" was lawfully their property and had been so for eight years; that they had already lost sufficiently in being deprived of his services during that long period, and ought not to be required to add anything to that loss; that if he had been delivered up to them in the first place, they would have sold him and he could not have murdered Judge Driscoll; therefore it was not that he had really committed the murder, the guilt lay with the erroneous inventory.
And because I observed, besides, that an inquiry of this kind was of all others of the greatest moment, and one in which precipitancy and anticipation in judgment were most to be dreaded, I thought that I ought not to approach it till I had reached a more mature age (being at that time but twenty-three), and had first of all employed much of my time in preparation for the work, as well by eradicating from my mind all the erroneous opinions I had up to that moment accepted, as by amassing variety of experience to afford materials for my reasonings, and by continually exercising myself in my chosen method with a view to increased skill in its application.
It has been shown, that the other confederacies which could be consulted as precedents have been vitiated by the same erroneous principles, and can therefore furnish no other light than that of beacons, which give warning of the course to be shunned, without pointing out that which ought to be pursued.
Again, taxpayers may choose to perpetuate an erroneous method rather than risk the uncertainty of the terms and conditions for an approved change in method.
In three cases described in the September AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, this erroneous belief that AIDS had been contracted disappeared with successful treatment of the person's severe depression or manic depression.
MANILA -- Business tycoon Roberto Ongpin branded as false and erroneous the criminal case filed against him by former employee Eduveges Batalan.
Brokerage houses in Japan placed 14,318 erroneous stock trading orders in 2005, the Financial Services Agency said Wednesday.
Many erroneous statements are made concerning matters well known by informed Catholics.
Over 43,000 taxpayers (possibly as many as 60,000) have received erroneous default notices from the Internal Revenue Service regarding installment payments for the retroactive tax rate increase to high-income individuals due under the Omnibus Reconciliation Reform Act of 1993.
TEI believes that this purpose should be kept in mind as the IRS revises those provisions of the regulations relating to (i) the linkage, or interdependence, of deficiency and non-deficiency notices, (ii) specific identification of notices that trigger the "applicable date" provision of section 6621(c), (iii) the proper treatment of erroneous, withdrawn, or modified notices, and (iv) designation of a specific mailing address for purposes of section 6621(c) notices.