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Synonyms for erring

Synonyms for erring

capable of making an error


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So, on a freezing cold night we headed into town to be greeted by a double dose of warmth: the interior now has a far more intimate feel than the old overly bright (and erringly impersonal) space and staff are amongst the most genuinely friendly I've come across.
Erringly, Prachanda Malla states that the play Parsuramopakhyana was "translated" (anuvada) by "Manidhana [sic] Daivajna"; as a matter of fact, the Newari manuscript of the play was copied out by Manidhara (spelt manidhala, Colophon 4, Fol.
The document, a withering assault on the draft of a Comintern program pieced together by Bukharin, Stalin, and his various hangers-on, was submitted to the Sixth Congress and found its way, erringly according to Cannon, into the translation department, where a dozen or so stenographers and language experts had little enough to do that they put two of the three sections of the document into readable form for foreign delegates and distributed a limited number of poorly translated copies to heads of the convening communist sections and members of the Program Committee.