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in an erratic unpredictable manner

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saw a vehicle driving erratically, stopped the driver and noticed she seemed impaired by alcohol.
Prosecutor Justin Espie said on July 27 at 11pm police saw her car being driven erratically.
30am officers on patrol saw a car being driven erratically.
30am, officers on patrol in Eastgate Street saw a car being driven erratically.
But the 48-year-old was pulled over by police after concerned witnesses reported seeing her driving erratically on the A1 north of Morpeth.
45pm we were contacted by a member of the public to reports of a car driving erratically on the M4/A4.
Speaking erratically in English and Spanish, Almendarez Coello denied any wrongdoing, saying the charges were brought against him by people who were ``envious'' of him.
In pursuit of an erratically held utopian ideal of universal equality, these tribunals routinely override certain Charter rights such as freedom of speech and religion.
The car had been "briefly pursued" by police after it had been spotted driving erratically on Friday, police said.
If your forklift lifts erratically, it probably has a hydraulic leak.
Though not widely known outside Madrid, Luis Salaberria is hardly a newcomer; he has been exhibiting for fifteen years, albeit erratically.
The firefighter who was fired was smoking when a trooper arrested him for driving erratically.
Downriver, the Yangtze, depleted of sediment, could flow more forcefully, erode its banks, and flood erratically.
At 28,000 feet the leader noticed his wingman level with his aircraft and flying erratically, pitching and rolling.
I saw a large number of vehicles driving, at best erratically, at worst dangerously.