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Synonyms for erratic

Synonyms for erratic

Synonyms for erratic

liable to sudden unpredictable change

having no fixed course

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likely to perform unpredictably

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A systematic census and analysis of erratic boulders and other tsunamigenic features along shorelines elsewhere in the world may provide a means for extending the historic record and thus more accurately assessing tsunami hazard.
Owens (Cardiff) review the distribution of the trilobite order Proetida in the Ordovician of Baltoscandia and in glacial erratic boulders found in northern Germany and adjacent areas.
The Company's Maguire field crew is credited with the identification of the preliminary exploration target, by discovery of erratic boulders at the close of the 2006 field season.
In addition to lithology and mineralogy of glacial deposits mentioned above, the published results include those on stratigraphy of Quaternary sediments, topography of Estonian bedrock, evolution and geomorphology of the Quaternary cover, evolution of the Baltic Sea and its ancient coastal formations, distribution of erratic boulders, development of large lakes, protection and complex use of Estonian mineral resources, environmental history, and nature protection.
Silicified erratic boulders and, usually more or less rectangular, siliceous Ordovician limestone boulders in the Berlin area were referred to as 'Backsteinkalk', after the characterization of 'certain brick stones' by K16den (1834).
Within this area of generally poor bedrock exposure, outcropping carbonatite, altered country rocks, and glacial erratic boulders contain anomalous to very high grades of Nb and Ta.