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Synonyms for erratic

Synonyms for erratic

Synonyms for erratic

liable to sudden unpredictable change

having no fixed course

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likely to perform unpredictably

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But in another calibration study, using erratic boulder surfaces from a radiocarbon dated moraine, Clark et al.
Big Rock was established in 1985 by founder and CEO Ed McNally and the brewery is named after a huge glacial erratic boulder located south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
The AONB also includes Castle Ring, an Iron Age hill fort, which is the highest point on the Chase, and several glacial erratic boulders that are the remnants of glaciation, including one that's mounted on a plinth.
The 92-mile Midstate winds through 14 towns and features a bit of everything: small mountains, glacial erratic boulders, federal flood control dams, two Audubon Society nature reserves, dozens of ponds and streams, historical sites and abundant plant and animal life.
She is well aware of the variety of small rocks under her feet and of the larger erratic boulders poking up from the blanket of leaves.
Van Veen discusses early ideas about erratic boulders and glacial phenomena in the Netherlands.