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Synonyms for erratum

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Synonyms for erratum

a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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We would like to clarify that the errata we submitted corrected all the mistakes that were present in the proposed 2015 Budget.
Robert Graham of Errata Security wrote: "This indicates
The April 1, 2012, errata (1) clarified the requirements by stating that providers can use the previous interview if it was conducted and coded on the previous assessment within 14 days of the current assessment as determined by the dates at Z0400 on both assessments.
This site also lists errata from the current edition and allows readers to register to be notified when new errata are posted, when new policy statements are issued, and when site updates and new features are added.
After the first, hardbound edition of the English translation in 2002, Sarti helpfully posted an on-line list of errata with over two hundred sixty items [http://www.
Warley MP John Spellar (Lab), a former Minister, asked for an errata slip to be added.
These errata have been rectified on the Journal's website.
Lack of consistency, wrong facts, and errata abound:
2 including Errata 1 from the RapidIO Trade Association, the new Xilinx solution implements all three layers of the specification -- physical, logical and transport -- by leveraging the 3.
As printed this note contains certain errata, most notably regarding page references, and it is hereby corrected:
The corrections can be found in the errata in this issue of EHP (111:A751).
Sonic Youth is among the admirers of the all-girl San Francisco act Erase Errata, which will play Wednesday at the WOW Hall, 291 W.
Despite minor errata, Winchell is a lively guide to a prodigal lover and professional amateur.
Everyone who submitted a test page automatically received an errata sheet, but if you would like to request one please contact ADAA by fax at 312-541-1496 or e-mail adaal@aol.
However, despite purported corrections, Judge Holloway was found guilty as charged "to the extent that the errata sheet was misleading, vague, incomplete, inaccurate, and intended to keep secret inappropriate contact with Judge Stoddard.