errand boy

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a boy who earns money by running errands

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The former errand boy played by David Jason is now the boss, and he's got a minion of his own to boss about.
Former errand boy David Jason is now the boss, and he's got a minion of his own.
Referring to the 5ft 6in boss of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera - El Chapo - and the Juarez police chief, it read: "Leyzaola, you son of a whore, you are an errand boy for El Chapo.
Now he feels like he is the househusband and errand boy in the relationship, and that isn't what he signed up for.
Hobbs (inset) was one of 12 children who, before making his Surrey debut at the age of 22, worked as an errand boy, servant and gas fitter.
Russians' secret relations with the US were revealed to Tehran after the approval of the recent sanctions against Iran, and Tehran also realized that China is Washington's errand boy.
While scouting the crimeridden city streets, Joe hires pickpocket Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) as an errand boy, intending to kill the cocksure punk once the contract is complete.
Jackson, 65, joined the north west supermarket chain at the age of 15 as on errand boy.
The introduction of quests means players will often times feel like everyone's errand boy, shooing away birds, delivering items, lifting the proverbial barge and toting the proverbial bale.
The story focuses upon a young errand boy who worked at a hotel housing German officers, painting a captivating issue of survival under German rule, and the appendices raise thought-provoking questions such as whether Norway was more important in World War II than historically recognized--did Hitler's invasion of Norway ultimately cost him the war?
Kahn, whose practice continues in business today, started out as an errand boy for the Detroit firm, Mason and Rice, working his way up to become chief draughtsman, with no formal training whatsoever.
Brooke Ashton (Day) and stage manager Poppy Norton-Taylor (Ali Taylor) are both involved with Lloyd, while handyman Tim Allgood (Liam Vincent) is the company's designated errand boy, set builder and emergency understudy.
Affleck plays Larry Gigli, a gangster's errand boy who kidnaps the mentally handicapped brother of a federal prosecutor.
Balulao, who supposedly served as an errand boy of the group, has confessed to placing the parcel bomb outside Davao's airport on the orders of detained suspects Ismael Akmad, or Toto, and Tuhami Bagundang, or Tuhami Urong.
A similar remark applies to Errand Boy in the Martell Novices' Handicap Chase (4.