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Synonyms for errand

Synonyms for errand

an assignment one is sent to carry out

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a short trip that is taken in the performance of a necessary task or mission

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Will Scarlet had been sent on a similar errand to Barnesdale some time before, if you remember, only to be chased up the hill without his purchase.
Now it so chanced that Little John had fared expeditiously with his errand.
And whar's the sense o' her errand, if she's reely bent on finding her way to Mistress Glenarm?
Whatever the sense of her errand might be, Anne's next proceeding proved that she was really bent on it.
He reached his door in much satisfaction that his errand was done: he opened it, and to his short-sighted eyes everything remained as he had left it, except that the fire sent out a welcome increase of heat.
He departed on his errand, however, and immediately returned, ushering in its object.
Quilp kept the chaise in sight, mingled with the crowd, learnt the single gentleman's errand, and its failure, and having possessed himself of all that it was material to know, hurried off, reached the inn before him, had the interview just now detailed, and shut himself up in the little room in which he hastily reviewed all these occurrences.
I knew your errand and heard your words, and thus have I answered them.
Yet I pray thee, do mine errand to the lord of the castle,'' answered the pretended friar; ``trust me it will find good acceptance with him, and the cock shall crow, that the whole castle shall hear him.
I do not know why I had an inkling that it would appeal to Strickland's sense of humour to bring a furious stockbroker over to Paris on a fool's errand to an ill-famed house in a mean street.
Twice he turned his head back toward the forest, after the manner of one who is upon an evil errand, though he must have felt quite safe from pursuit.
And the old errand man looked quite pleased, nodded, and took the pewter soldier over to the old house.
In short, it was clearly shown me that if I did not undertake the errand, no one else could be trusted with it.
It was one evening that I was in the garden, with his two younger sisters and himself, and all very innocently merry, when he found means to convey a note into my hand, by which he directed me to understand that he would to-morrow desire me publicly to go of an errand for him into the town, and that I should see him somewhere by the way.
I'm errand boy to this establishment," said Laurie, taking up his cap.