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(Christianity) holding views that disagree with accepted doctrine

fallibility as indicated by erring or a tendency to err

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Errancy is the "essential counter essence to the primordial essence of truth" (wesentliche Gegenwesen zum anfanglichen Wesen der Wahrheit).
Emblematized by the labyrinthine convolutions of the Soledades and characterized in part by specific images of chance, errancy, and perilous adventures, the gongoristic pilgrimage serves not only as a structuring device and image bank for Tejeda's pilgrim, but also as a framework of interpretation for the chronological trajectory of Tejeda's life.
Boundaries and determinable places have been overrun by a universal circuit of errancy, by a being in motion and on the way.
They remind readers of the errancy of a statement such as "Schlagen hilft immer" ("A beating always helps"), noting that Mennonites should be nonviolent.
67) Since necessity and the errancy are meant to refer to the same thing, we should not interpret the "constraint" independently of the "chaos.
Quoted in Colleen Lamos, Deviant Modernism: Sexual and Textual Errancy in T.
It celebrates errancy, misunderstanding, and mistaken identity, but makes clear that such mistakenness exists in continuity with nature; the poem is at once a representation of life, an analogue for it, and an independent creative event.
To critically appraise any human production is to take seriously both our creative ability and our provisional nature, to acknowledge both production and limitation, agency and errancy, history and communion.
Notably, Lindsell directs sharp criticism at the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) for having been "infiltrated" with members "in support of biblical errancy.
As a proposed Christ-type, Ferdinand is peculiarly unworthy, and Shakespeare in fact underscores the prince's shortcomings: his despair over losing his sinful father Alonso, his paralyzed sword and submission to Prospero's "rough magic," his naive courtship of Miranda when he assumes princely privilege, his residual errancy in the chess game.
Yet though we persist in evading those who try to lead us in the right direction, Wells evidently felt it his duty to warn those of us not entirely given over to the Kingdom of the Blind about the consequences of our errancy.
Yet by focusing on the errancy of the generals' public criticism, Owens loses sight of Rumsfeld's missteps.
The errancy of the-they is not a "metaphysical" condition, nor is it a value ascribed to rank one's authenticity; rather, it is a description of how we interpret and understand our worlds.
In addition to reviewing particular collections such as Materialism, The Errancy, Swarm, and Never; they explore such aspects as the moment of excess, iconoclasm, her big hunger, her place, gender and ethical subjectivity, her poems of adolescence, and the beginnings of a lexicon.
In general he dismissed the problem of the errancy of the Old Testament by treating questionable aspects as accommodated.