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(Christianity) holding views that disagree with accepted doctrine

fallibility as indicated by erring or a tendency to err

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How do we deal with the memories of those who are not that driven or who were driven and lost their moorings in the heat of a variety of forces such as greed and power hunger and our common bestiality and assorted errancies of thought and action?
And that, in Shakespeare's texts, chastity is pushed beyond the cultural desideratum that a woman remain silent to designate an impossible, paradoxical place no one ever occupies--a vanishing point that lies outside the errancies of discourse and therefore seems to solicit its own violation merely by being talked about.
5) As Fleetwood demonstrates, though, Godwin was more interested in probing the errancies of feeling in his fiction than in blandly acquiescing in its socializing force.
For, while Los plunges into the anxieties and errancies of time, Urizen resists and refuses temporality with the delusory force of self-aggrandizing stability.
Taylor's discussion presents the traditional view of Wordsworth as reserved, conservative, and somewhat egocentric, a perspective countered by David Collings' Wordsworthian Errancies (1994).