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sensitive to sexual stimulation

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6) For an exhaustive exploration of the perverse, erotogenic pleasure derived through visually witnessing someone else's pain and abjection, see Savran.
Of course the mother plants the illusions in the body of the infant and takes for their model her hidden psychic disposition, often modeling secret patterns of erotogenic stimulation sealed by unspeakable transgressions.
On May 17th, 2009, the first installment of Jane Rubin's new erotogenic novel, 77 Rue D'Orange, (Copyright (C) Jane Rubin 2009), will be published on janefirst.
But by the same token, as an actual libidinal experience of his own desire, this ideal auto-contra-sexual (female) body-image would also completely utilise his penis as the appropriate erotogenic zone aroused in response to his imaginary vagina.
In looking at the interlocking of two parts--fingers and velvet, toes and sand--there is not, as psychoanalysis suggests, a predesignated erotogenic zone, a site always ready and able to function as erotic.
In his conflation of scopophilia and exhibitionism, linked "instincts" that exist somewhat "independently" from erotogenic sexual activity, with cruelty, Freud appears to suggest that these drives hinge on pitilessly attempting to exert dominance over the entire exhibitionistic spectacle.