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4) The latter identifies the station that broadcast the fetal attraction, the teen group, interchangeable with playground and university, which responds only to its self-fashioned erotogenic zones and not to those deposited in the body by the parental couple and, later, the spousal couple.
As Butler explains, "what is needed is not a new body part, as it were, but a displacement of the hegemonic symbolic of (heterosexist) sexual difference and the critical release of alternative imaginary schemas for constituting sites of erotogenic pleasure" (91).
This cutting in orifices and raising tumescences does not contrive new receptor organs for the depth body, nor multiply ever more subtle signs for the psychic depth where personal intentions would be being formed; it extends the erotogenic surface.
Portions of the following argument appear in expanded form in "Desiring Nature, Queering Ethics: Adventures in Erotogenic Environments," Environmental Ethics, 23:2 (Summer 2001).
4) Since the theory of the erotogenic zones was the cornerstone of Freud's account of infantile sexuality, one must assume that Lawrence was well acquainted with what Laplanche and Pontalis call this "fundamental datum of psycho-analytic experience" (155).
Recalling Freud's discussion of the eye as the erotogenic zone "most remote from the sexual object," yet the one "most frequently stimulated by the particular quality of excitation whose cause.
The mouth is one of such situations," Beadnell notes, "and the rapture of the kiss is to be sought in terms of the functioning of a highly specialized and erotogenic touch-zone.
According to psychoanalysis, incorporation "constitutes an instinctual aim and a mode of objectrelationship which are characteristic of the oral stage; although it has a special relationship with the mouth and with the ingestion of food, it may also be lived out in relation with other erotogenic zones and other erotic functions" (Laplanche and Pontalis 1973, 211).
According to Freud, scopophilia or the pleasure of the look is one of the drives which exist independently of the erotogenic zones.
How does it make sense to remove a healthy erotogenic organ from a baby boy to avoid the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases in the future?
In his conflation of scopophilia and exhibitionism, linked "instincts" that exist somewhat "independently" from erotogenic sexual activity, with cruelty, Freud appears to suggest that these drives hinge on pitilessly attempting to exert dominance over the entire exhibitionistic spectacle.
It is in this portion that we have to recognize the original, erotogenic masochism.
They are structured around the various erotogenic zones of the body that have privileged erotic value (Leader 18).
5) For clarity I quote Laplanche and Pontalis's definition of the "anal-sadistic phase," the infant's second stage of libidinal development: "The stage is characterized by an organization of the libido under the primacy of the anal erotogenic zone.
Invoking Freud early on in his treatise, Nancy compares the discreteness of the aesthetic experience to the erotogenic zones (1996, 16).