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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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Harris and Clayton (2002) note that sports media use both non-athletic and athletic women for this eroticizing effect.
It is to be noted, moreover, that the discourse operations are often multicategorical as is evident in the following comment which combines the strategies, labeled by Harris and Clayton (2002): eroticizing the female body, non-task relevant commentary, emphasizing male traits, trivializing female accomplishments, emphasizing female appropriate roles, creating national identity.
The Italian dataset revealed a heavy loading of the characteristics ascribed to the category, Eroticizing of the female body (Harris and Clayton 2002).
This bleeding together of the domestic and political economies, eroticizing as it does the appurtenances of state authority, generated considerable anxiety in the period.
Indeed, almost all of the characters eventually end up eroticizing their social roles, be they aggressors or submitters.
This is not only a play about erotic aggression, it is also a play about willing submission and the eroticizing of social roles.
Both in funeral practices themselves and, more strongly, in literature, the eroticizing of death flourished from the early eighteenth century onward.
Van Ghent recognizes the eroticizing of the funeral scene as such:
For all his premeditated guile, Peck is trapped in a world not of his own making, in a culture that infantilizes adult sexuality while eroticizing its children.
Bronzino's reworking of Dante goes beyond the mere humorous recontextualization of the poet's lines, as the eroticizing of Dante's images and words makes this a particularly irreverent parody.
By contrast, the images eroticizing violence and domination are hardly liberating.
By eroticizing brutality, media messages imply another perilous connection.
From an interdisciplinary perspective, she treats sexuality and gender as intertwined with death as biological yet socially constructed concepts, and as lenses through which to view death in the prevalent themes of male/female roles, the eroticizing of death, and fantasies of power.
Most gay youth don't look like Matt Beierschmitt, and instead of eroticizing and idealizing his looks, your magazine should publish pictures of gay and lesbian youth that reflect reality.
While never quite destroying it for himself (or anyone else, which is a pity) - the museum's rapacious maw would frustrate that - Duchamp altered so absolutely what and why and how art is (by perverting received notions of what constitutes it, by eroticizing and laughing at it, by making it a joke) - that he defaced it, much as he defaced himself, replacing Marcel with a more gamine, photographic other, Rrose Selavy: The body's face in Etant donnes is impossible to see.