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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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He eroticizes his own aggression in response to Helena's entreaties when he warns her to "tempt not too much the hatred of [his] spirit" and declares:
The scene, then, is superficially subversive (the lovers are playing against expected gender roles) while, at the same time, fundamentally normative (Demetrius eroticizes aggression while Helena eroticizes submission).
1, she accepts and, as her joining in the dance indicates, eroticizes it.
Pointedly, however, it is not only the male characters, or dominants, who eroticize their roles.
In turn, the integrity of those various economies, that is to say, the acceptance by the play's characters of their roles, is dependent upon how they eroticize them.
In the rigidly hierarchical world of sixteenth-century England, Helena's role is to submit, and for her to eroticize that role is perfectly natural and appropriate insofar as that world is concerned.
While Irene's managerial function in relation to Brian is clearly gendered, the text does not explicitly eroticize this function.
In this passage Bronzino eroticizes a very mundane object - the frying pan - by combining it with more ambiguous terms such as "anguille" and "riscuscitar.
Del pennello" and "La padella" illustrate how Bronzino eroticizes language in general.
In lode della galea" shows how Bronzino tends to eroticize courtly language generally.
Both elegiac and vulgar, Chris Marker's Silent Movie, 1994-95, a tower of steel posts, airplane cable, laser-disc players, and video monitors, celebrates the singular way in which film eroticizes not just the face, but also the gesture.
The luridness begins when pen is set to paper: "Spenser's very project of reduplicating Elizabeth's virtue on the page both eroticizes it and introduces it into the logic of sexual reproduction" (83).