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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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In turn, the integrity of those various economies, that is to say, the acceptance by the play's characters of their roles, is dependent upon how they eroticize them.
81) We suggest that women and men may occasionally eroticize the possibility of a pregnancy with a particular partner, and that this desire could help explain their lack of contraceptive use.
Larsen i nvestigates the "peculiar and extremely rare feminine 'nature'" of a mistress who eroticizes racial transgression within an economy of masochistic desire.
According to many of their critics, these paintings are so much soft-core pornography that served to eroticize the Islamic world, thus empowering the male Western gazers of the work.
In excerpts where the narrative alludes to a referent independent from the sphere of obvious eroticism, Jollin-Bertocchi examines the ways in which the modalities of desire, pleasure, and sexual sensation permeate the text and eroticize the reading in a linguistic realm, through tacit signals, implicit forms, and oblique allusions.
He uses that concept in a ludicrous way," says Hytner, "but what I really was trying to do was eroticize the workings of the intellect.
It is, in fact, part of a larger attempt to aestheticize and eroticize war and violence and is also linked to a conservative politics of gender being promoted not so subtly by the Bush administration.
And during the '80s there were bitter battles over wearing condoms in videos, partly to protect the actors but also because prevention activists knew that porn could help either eroticize or marginalize safe sex.
Coppola can easily eroticize any of his characters.
Toscan's examination of the numerous ways in which Berni and his followers eroticize language is largely confined to the poems published in the two Giunti anthologies of burlesque verse of 1548 and 1555.
Blurry foreground elements such as doorknobs, potted plants, and window glare eroticize the simultaneous proximity and remoteness of the unseen photographer.
It could be seen as social sin; our sinful society eroticizes the act of overpowering and being overpowered.
There's some evidence that Argento may be consciously joking around with at least some of this nonsense, and nobody eroticizes gore quite as artistically as he can.
The luridness begins when pen is set to paper: "Spenser's very project of reduplicating Elizabeth's virtue on the page both eroticizes it and introduces it into the logic of sexual reproduction" (83).