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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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In turn, the integrity of those various economies, that is to say, the acceptance by the play's characters of their roles, is dependent upon how they eroticize them.
Larsen i nvestigates the "peculiar and extremely rare feminine 'nature'" of a mistress who eroticizes racial transgression within an economy of masochistic desire.
Mayer points out that while research confirms that men sex offenders often act out of rage and aggression, women "do not sexualize relationships, eroticize anger or associate power and control with sexual needs.
The opening article by Shirley Jordan focuses on the sexualized female body in texts by Catherine Millet, Catherine Breillat, Anna Rozen, and Marie-Laure Dagoit, arguing for a corporeal specificity to female-authored texts that is used not to eroticize the text, but to undermine phallocentric constructions of female sexuality.
He uses that concept in a ludicrous way," says Hytner, "but what I really was trying to do was eroticize the workings of the intellect.
According to many of their critics, these paintings are so much soft-core pornography that served to eroticize the Islamic world, thus empowering the male Western gazers of the work.
Vock is alert to Stramm's tendency to eroticize fighting, and she detects in his poems a psychic need to counterbalance the real horror of war with gestures towards order, duty, and conformity.
The reception of Ovid's Ars amatoria in the medieval West and the ways in which the erotic discourses of the period were shaped by it have a venerable scholarly pedigree, but in this theoretically informed and challenging book Marilynn Desmond offers a fresh perspective, using Ovid's didactic poem and the medieval texts that draw on it to explore 'the ways in which heteroerotics has historically been constructed so that it has the potential to eroticize violence' (p.
As for Swank, she spends just enough time in her underwear to suggest an effort to eroticize the star of "Boys Don't Cry" and "Freedom Writers," while trying to recover from her husband's premature death and attending to all the things Gerry's arranged for her to do.
It is, in fact, part of a larger attempt to aestheticize and eroticize war and violence and is also linked to a conservative politics of gender being promoted not so subtly by the Bush administration.
And during the '80s there were bitter battles over wearing condoms in videos, partly to protect the actors but also because prevention activists knew that porn could help either eroticize or marginalize safe sex.
Toscan's examination of the numerous ways in which Berni and his followers eroticize language is largely confined to the poems published in the two Giunti anthologies of burlesque verse of 1548 and 1555.
Blurry foreground elements such as doorknobs, potted plants, and window glare eroticize the simultaneous proximity and remoteness of the unseen photographer.
Brown found that in today's stilt-sexist climate, "it is simply easier and safer and ultimately more profitable for girls to take out their fears and anxieties on other girls rather than on boys or on a culture that denigrates, idealizes, or eroticizes qualities associated with being feminine.