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Synonyms for eroticism

Synonyms for eroticism

a state of anticipation of sexuality


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The fact that Don Rigoberto is more of an intellectual eroticist than a Sadeian activist provides the novel with a metafictional dimension which can be viewed as either taming erotic desire by inscribing it with complex narrative structures or as leading to a contemplation of how erotica must necessarily be an intellectual undertaking, since the brain is the one human organ most capable of unlimited sexual fulfillment.
Eros c'est la vie was the punning pronunciation of Rrose Selavy--the pseudonym that his fellow eroticist, Marcel Duchamp, took for himself when he assumed his periodic female identity.
The acting is almost surrealistically bad, and the people involved are hardly the usual suspects, beginning with Salmon King, the eroticist whose past projects include "9 1/2 Weeks" and the steamy "Red Shoe Diaries" series.
Mapplethorpe was driven by a voracious sexuality throughout his intense life, but he has to have been, beyond that, an eroticist of extraordinary powers, which entered as much into his art as into his seductions.
Amidst the clamour of Bolivian virgins, tortured Japanese eroticists and Macbeth acted by naked Eskimos, you will hear the shrill of moral indignation.