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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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A close-up of Eichmann's face shows him licking his lips as the now naked Baroness approaches; the camera's eroticising gaze shifts to a low angle shot of her swaying bare buttocks as she moves in to circle the Nazi, who still sits fully clothed in his uniform.
Eroticising male and female condoms is therefore key to increasing condom use: making condoms more comfortable and pleasurable transforms them from being strictly disease-prevention and public health tools into erotic accessories.
Humans may very well be predisposed to eroticising feet because feet have apocrine sweat glands, the same type of pheromone-producing sweat glands shared by armpits and the genital region.
The comedian added: ``I think they areanno yed about me eroticising the Christ figure -like I'm the first person to do that.
While I am asking neither for a return to worshipping the female body as the `origin of the world', nor that we stop eroticising such a distinctly pleasurable site, I do think women's bodies should be allowed to be thought of as lived in by women, and that women like Maude Davey have every right to refer to it in whatever language they deem appropriate.