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give erotic character to or make more interesting


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While many films continue to exemplify the ways in which women have been objectified, eroticised and demonised in popular Holocaust screen culture, some filmmakers have made concerted attempts to represent these figures on the screen in a more nuanced manner.
Eroticised Bodies and Complicit Women in Holocaust Screen Culture
These are particularly pertinent questions in the context of how the complicity of women is negotiated through various cultural texts, with such figures making frequent appearances in Holocaust films as eroticised 'Others'.
The eroticised bodies of women, and the positioning of these bodies through a male gaze (both within the films and via the camera), is evident in a number of other Holocaust films.
Chapter seven analyses dangdut as a public arena in which fierce debates about Islam, the state, and the visibility of the eroticised female body in post-Suharto Indonesia of the early to mid-2000s were conducted, focusing mainly on Inul Daratista's infamous 'drilling dance' and the deep controversies this generated in Indonesian society.
If representations of women are perennially eroticised in formal settings, women, regardless of their qualifications, are less likely to be appointed to senior positions when choices have to be made.
They show how manipulations of dress variously served or subverted an aggressive new fashion industry for whom the stage was a vital site in the promotion of images of an ideal yet deftly eroticised 'ladyhood' for an audience of avid consumers, both men and women.
She is a representation which, similar to Davey and Strutt's film, diversifies the limited and commodified meanings now accrued to women's eroticised corporeal zones in Western dominant culture.
The British Board of Film Classification - which has now given the film an 18 rating - said the imagery fell foul of its guidelines which do not allow sexual assault to be eroticised.