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creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc

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Night Shift is candy sweet and easy to enjoy erotica in a lively, explorable format.
So what makes Green's erotica collections good, and, more importantly, good for us as LGBTQ folks?
We needed a fresh cast because the film explores sexuality and erotica as today's youth perceives it.
With an emphasis on antique erotica, audiences will be able to view everything from old movies -- Modern Times, from the mid-20th century, is mentioned -- to suggestive sculpture, erotic books, photos and sex toys from as early as the 1920s.
With her 29-year-old pilot boyfriend, Haines renovated a boarded-up old strip club in Baltimore's waterfront neighborhood and turned it into the regular meeting place for a small community of erotica aficionados, the report said.
David Roche brings Catholic Erotica to the Unity on September 1 at 8pm.
A GUY reads a book with sexual content and it's porn but when a woman does likewise, it's erotica.
Balzac sentia marcada predileccion erotica por las mujeres mayores que el.
Titled "Ars Homo Erotica," this exhibition was conceived on a grand scale.
Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 is a good selection of solid erotic writing with enough meat on the characters to make the stories engaging, enough plot to be interesting and enough sex to be hot.
El erotismo en la poesia mexicana del siglo XX es un estudio de alcances elevados e importantes que nos lleva a conocer la manera en que el lenguaje transmite la sensualidad lirica por medio de un genero dificil de encontrar, la poesia erotica en el Mexico actual.
From 2005 until 2009 I was the editor of Black Lace and Nexus, the two longest running imprints of erotica in the UK," he reveals.
Summary: THE HAGUE: Candid but demure, an online sex shop for Muslims has been launched in the Netherlands to tap into a demand for erotica that does not offend Sharia law.
Egyptian Erotica is a fascinating journey back in time to reveal the true story behind sex in ancient Egypt - but it is more about history than sex," Sion told Wales on Sunday.
Erotica, a UK trade show and exhibition, has selected the B-SA4TP printer from TOSHIBA TEC Europe (TERIS), a provider of barcode printers, point of sale systems, cash registers, scales, peripherals and software information systems, and LABTIC software from Avapac.