erotic love

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a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction

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Accordingly, Levinas, who seems to have revolutionized the traditional philosophy by recognizing the significance of erotic love in his ethics and welcoming passion and sensibility into this realm, fails to take the opportunity such stand offers and makes the same mistake of splitting those passions from sex, body from soul, sexuality from spirituality, flesh from divine by following "the classical Kantian gesture of purification and sublimation" (Ziarek 58).
For a reader interested in film studies, popular culture, metaphysics and ontology of erotic love, this book is a must read.
A new book from Dog Ear Publishing by authors Ron and Patti Marinari studies the erotic love mentioned in that ancient poem and applies it to modern-day marriages.
So Kierkegaard, having dismissed erotic love once, returns to it in rather more charitable (if possibly pitying) terms:
And Romeo's contempt for the world as he sees it only makes his turn to erotic love all the more extreme.
Aesthetics begins with erotic love, and now because we had a viable movement we had an aesthetic, we had beauty and courage and loyalty, toward each other and toward ourselves.
Ironically, one of the books being discussed is In Too Deep, the story of a young librarian who finds increasingly erotic love notes to her in the suggestion box at work.
The Base of All Metaphysics' does not sublimate, dilute, or silence Whitman's celebration of erotic love between men as many have argued.
In her long and thoughtful introduction, Rupp forestalls some possible misgivings about what she describes as the "audacious undertaking" of traversing millennia and cultures to collect a wide range of examples of erotic love and sex between women (2).
Notable features of this unfairly modest selection are devotional poetry and erotic love poetry.
But erotic love, the love that drives us to seek another to enrich our life, does not grow as it is scattered.
erotic love, politics, loss) bring with them a vocabulary that includes religious terms, even when the subject matter is not first and foremost spiritual.
They go from one extreme to another, from sentimental love to platonic, abstract love, to erotic love or sex," he said.
Lustful erotic love morphs into individualistic artistic creativity, artistic creativity changes into the selfless love of God.