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inflammation of the lining of the stomach

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8 Gender (F/M) 25/11 3-Dec Therapy results Cured/Total Cured/Total Chronic gastritis 10/20 5/10 Activated chronic gastritis 15/26 7/11 Duodenitis (histopathologically) 9/15 4/6 Acute gastritis 1/1 0 Duodenal ulcer 1/1 0 Erosive gastritis 1/2 0 Third line treatment LML (n=10) Age (years) 13.
The GI Company also has pre- clinical development projects in enteritis / proctitis, inflammatory bowel disease, erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease and gastrointestinal motility disorders, as well as clinical programs in erosive gastritis (NSAID induced), ulcerative colitis and corneal wound healing.
The most commonly observed adverse events in clinical trials (experienced by >5% patients in the VIMOVO group) were erosive gastritis, dyspepsia, gastritis, diarrhea, gastric ulcer, upper abdominal pain, and nausea.