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Synonyms for erosion

Synonyms for erosion

(geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)

condition in which the earth's surface is worn away by the action of water and wind

a gradual decline of something

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It's very rare that I would take a sling erosion back to the operating room to excise it," she said.
Treatment of larger areas involving exposed tissues or recurrent erosion is best treated by advancing the vaginal epithelium to cover the defect, Dr.
In the paper there are presented a number of caviattion erosion results tests, made in various liquids, and using materials with different cavitation erosion resistance, in order to reveal mechanical aspects of cavitation erosion and to motivate the cavitation process approach by hydraulic specialists, against general corrosion.
If cavitation erosion was observed long time ago, the firs technical cases (ship propellers and hydraulic turbine runners) eroded by cavitation phenomena, were noticed about 1890 (Bordeasu 1997).
BERLIN -- Women with gastroesophageal reflux disease had a lower prevalence of severe esophageal erosion than did men in an analysis of more than 6,000 patients.
The extent of esophageal erosion in each patient was determined by endoscopy, and was graded using the Los Angeles classification.
2003, Soil Erosion and Slope in Primary and Selectivity Logged Rain Forest in Danum Valley, Malaysia.
Erosion of the external structures of the face has not been as extensively described, nor have oronasal fistulas that involve structures other than the hard or soft palate.
Four more erosion sites were added to the project list in August.
The four mesh erosions occurred among 49 women who had concurrent total abdominal hysterectomy, resulting in a mesh erosion rate of 8% in that group.