erogenous zone

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any area of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation

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Meanwhile there's another erogenous zone you might not have heard of - the A-spot.
A cross between The Twilight Zone and The Erogenous Zone, it was a kind of surreal Brigadoon for Bampots which made little sense.
But in Japan, the neck is considered an erogenous zone, and women are advised to wear high-necked blouses or a scarf.
Lucas's is a world where everything appears as yet another unwashed erogenous zone, a universe solely populated by phallic symbols and available mammaries, where sophomoric Freudian psychologizing can run amok.
actful s hat rlie she Dorothy Perkins is full on vamp with dresses displaying the new erogenous zone - the back and shoulders.
The armpits are an erogenous zone for many men and women.
But this summer, a new fashion erogenous zone is competing for attention.
The back is the new erogenous zone, but you won't see gowns that dip below the waistline as we did last year,'' Hall adds.
The Exotic Erotic Ball has always been at the leading edge of America's erogenous zone and RealTouch is an amazing device that promises to push the envelope even further.
THE nipples are a common erogenous zone but what works for one woman doesn't necessarily go for another and your boyfriend is wrong to expect you to be the same as all the other women he's dated.
The belly button can be a super erogenous zone for both men and women - but women tend to be more aware of their hot spots as they appreciate foreplay a lot more than you guys.
What do a toilet, a wedding anniversary and a woman's most erogenous zone have in common?
The research confirms for the first time what many women have experienced themselves - that their nipples can be an erogenous zone too.
WATCH out, watch out, there's a new erogenous zone about.
The represented erogenous zone intersects with a literal painterly hot spot, playing at showing everything and making us into voyeurs, willing or not.