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12] = 0, which indicates weak erogeneity of the agricultural GDP growth vector with respect to the financial development vector is not rejected, implying that financial development does not cause GDP growth in the long-run.
15) Fearon and Laitin did not find any significant relationship between civil war incidence and ethnic het erogeneity.
Overall, the high degree of agreement on the above cultural issues indicates that both groups of managers are culturally sensitive to the het erogeneity of their markets.
This het erogeneity may influence local responsiveness because a foreign subunit needs more resources and autonomy to quickly respond to different groups of local consumers.
There is also support in the demography and group performance literatures for negative outcomes of group homogeneity and positive outcomes of het erogeneity, or diversity, particularly as it promotes debate or conflict over the task (see Milliken and Martins, 1996, for a review; Watson, Kumar, and Michaelsen, 1993; Jehn, 1995).