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(geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)

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Unite national officer, Rob Macgregor, said: 'The bank is cutting costs and eroding community banking, which we believe leaves customers with less choice.
The past 25 to 30 years saw a small reduction in the percentage of beaches eroding - dropping to 60 percent, possibly as a result of beach restoration activities such as adding sand to beaches.
As I have noted, Mackey's first volume of poetry was titled Eroding Witness, and the figure of erosion remains a fitting description of the mode of these works: Syntax shifts and erodes under the reading eye, reference erodes, and ultimately the fundamental fictions of our reading poetry - the singular poetic voice and the direct address - erode and disappear.
Moody's Investor Service has said that credit unions in Canada are eroding the base of big banks in the country.
Contrary to previous scholarship, they found that rivers and glaciers in active mountain ranges are both capable of eroding landscapes by more than one centimetre per year.
A RIVERBANK is eroding at an alarming rate of six foot a year.
shoreline is eroding [washing away]," says Chad Nelson, environmental director of the Surfrider Foundation.
Moss has been dismantling and restructuring a series of warehouses in La's Culver City with geometric aplomb, eroding tenebrous corners to allow light to shaft in and popping new volumes through the skin of the old to hergid a contemporary presence.
This "Great Experiment," according to Lindsey, throttled inflation, restored an eroding tax base, increased business investment, barely affected the federal deficit, and led to the current economic boom.
shoreline is eroding, or wearing away, as hurricanes, winter storms, rising ocean levels, and building development pound away at the coast.
Though most pennies will pass through a child safely, O'Hara has since encountered a second eroding penny.