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Synonyms for erode

Synonyms for erode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for erode

become ground down or deteriorate

remove soil or rock


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Loch, "Estimation of the RUSLE soil erodibility factor," in Soil Physical Measurement and Interpretation for Land Evaluation, N.
Disturbed soil samples for geotechnical characterization tests and soil classification, as well as undisturbed soil samples for indirect assessment of erodibility, were collected, respectively, the PRO 003 (DNER, 1994d) and the PRO 002 (DNER, 1994d).
Using rainfall simulation and site measurements to predict annual interrill erodibility and phosphorus generation rates from unsealed forest roads: Validation against in-situ erosion measurements, Catena.
Coote, "Seasonal soil erodibility variation in southwestern Ontario," Canadian Journal of Soil Science, vol.
Soil erodibility is calculated by overlay analysis of soil texture, soil depth and stoniness.
This result suggests that the application of AZ improved the erodibility of sodic soil, a finding which is consistent with the increase in MWD of the soil shown in Table 2.
Given the fact that the rainfall erodibility factor does not adequately explain soil loss variations, different forms were proposed that combined rainfall intensity and runoff.
To measure erodibility of soil materials in constructed embankments, earthen spillways, and stream channels, hydraulic engineers developed a tool called a Jet Erosion Test, or JET.
Dry aggregate stability, a measure of the erodibility of the surface by wind, was assessed using the method described by Leys et al.
Considerable differences in the grain structures, appearances, mechanical properties and erodibility of the 10 electrodeposited copper samples were observed.
Our original hypothesis - that the erodibility may be dependent on grain structure and perhaps indicated by tensile properties - was not substantiated by the data.
The implementation involved the drafting of rainfall erosivity, soil erodibility, lenght-slope factor, crop/vegetation factor and support practices maps.