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Synonyms for erode

Synonyms for erode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for erode

become ground down or deteriorate

remove soil or rock


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As for water erosion, the potential for wind erosion is determined by a series of factors, including the local wind power or wind erosion climate factor, the field length or fetch, the soil ridge-roughness factor, the quantity of vegetation cover and the soil erodibility to wind (Geeves et al.
Both the USLE equation and WEPP model need estimates of inter-rill erodibility (K), which can be obtained using rainfall simulators.
To measure erodibility of soil materials in constructed embankments, earthen spillways, and stream channels, hydraulic engineers developed a tool called a Jet Erosion Test, or JET.
This result suggests that the application of AZ improved the erodibility of sodic soil, a finding which is consistent with the increase in MWD of the soil shown in Table 2.
The extent of coastal aeolian processes, coupled with limited vegetation cover and the high erodibility of dune sands, make coastal dunes susceptible to rapid morphological adjustments (e.
Silburn (2011) proposes an approach for improving our knowledge of soil erosion and USLE parameters by using soil-water balance models and simple sediment concentration models and simulating long-term 'grazing-erosion trials' to derive new soil erodibility estimates.
Measured values of the soil erodibility K factor used in the USLE are rare in Australia (Loch and Rosewell 1992), particularly for non-cultivated situations.
We suspect these results can be attributed mainly to a seasonal variation in soil erodibility (where erodibility is considered here as a mass of material detached by rain impact per unit energy of rain).
The non-cohesive sandy clay loam soil was much more susceptible to rill erosion and recorded the third highest rill erodibility of all the 32 media (Sheridan et al.
As the rainfall erodibility factor (R) in the model used in the study is estimated using monthly rainfall data, the impact of extreme climatic onsets (e.
The major soil attributes considered as indicators include: colour, carbonate concretions on the surface, depth, compaction/strength, heaviness/texture, cracking nature, water retention capacity, crop performance (fertility), erodibility, and slope gradient.
Particular attention will be given to the analysis of surface status in mature stands, in terms of their ground cover, soil erodibility, overland flow and erosion rates.
Cerda A, Imeson AC, Calvo A (1995) Fire and aspect induced differences on the erodibility and hydrology of soils at La Costera, Valencia, Southeast Spain.