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Synonyms for erode

Synonyms for erode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for erode

become ground down or deteriorate

remove soil or rock


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A highly abrasive material, slag erodes away refractory near the level of the molten metal.
They oppose change of policy and direction, because it is risky and might erode the organization's endowment.
IT leaders find inadequate intellectual property protection, weak privacy and undependable IT erodes trust much more than do business leaders.
Conducting terrorist operations in one area erodes popular support and erodes their ability to collect funds,'' Sullivan said.
As water runs along a ditch, it erodes valuable topsoil.
We are all affected when companies fail - employees lose jobs, management turns over, share prices fall and uncertainty erodes progress.
Then there is the question of how Dole erodes Clinton's lead, if and when Dole decides to contest California.
calculates that wind erodes about 20 million tons of U.