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Synonyms for eroded

worn away as by water or ice or wind


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A supercold cap of ice could have allowed the ancient Gamburtsevs to look like the Alps instead of the highly eroded Appalachians.
Researchers from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences were able to calculate that mountains eroded concurrently at almost exactly the same speed.
The mathematical model for establishing the eroded material volume and the shape of the processed surface will be an element of high originality and will fill a gap in this domain.
This has unquestionably been seriously eroded since being taken over by Ford.
First, the limits will be available to both the named insured and the additional insured, therefore, the limits may be eroded quickly.
Swett provides an excellent discussion of the ways in which the Depression eroded male work-centered cultures and dissolved the ordering sense of time as well as the meaning and purpose that these cultures provided.
During Hurricane Katrina, powerful waves eroded soil and ripped plants from 306 square kilometers (118 square miles) of marshy wetlands and barrier islands bordering the coast.
The problems, he added, have significantly eroded the rationale that the U.
An Establishment Columnist Admits Middle Class Being Eroded
But while grounds and their temples have largely been restored by the National Trust, the great palace itself, though watertight, was slowly being eroded by time and schoolboys.
It had eroded the base of the pterygoid plates and infiltrated the lateral pterygoid muscle.
It's no secret that our assets have eroded and continue to be eroded.
This view appeared to be supported when eroded rings were located in many countries, initially from older drains (the most likely to be excavated for alterations) where early rings were regarded as being of poor quality.
Managing Slag - Slag (which forms when rust, dirt and sand from the charge, and eroded refractory separate from the melt and rise to the top of the bath) is an unavoidable by-product of melting metal.
Many observers complain that it has eroded legislative control over agencies.