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Synonyms for erode

Synonyms for erode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for erode

become ground down or deteriorate

remove soil or rock


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Police said Raja was arrested from his house at Kavindapady near Erode and the other four at their respective houses in Erode and Perundurai.
This continuing politics of the past, all it has succeeded to do was to erode our institutions, he said.
Studies had previously indicated that glaciers could erode landscapes as much as 10 times faster than rivers," Koppes said.
companies, and found a clear disconnect between the views of business leaders and technology leaders on the factors that build and erode trust.
Attn: Commissioner, Erode City Municipal Corporation
3 meters (1 foot) of dozens of beaches erode every year.
5% who cited commodity prices as the element most likely to erode margins.
Breathing particles 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller, such as those that erode from the lake bed, has been linked to respiratory illness (SN: 4/6/91, p.
E[acute accent]HD has a strong balance sheet, with very low leverage and ample liquidity which provide a substantial cushion in the event the housing market cools and sales/margins begin to erode.
Absent material investment in upgraded technology at the satellite infrastructure and customer premise equipment levels, Fitch believes that these factors will continue to erode the company's longer term competitive position.
When there's a depression in the rock and the river flows through, it can erode incredibly rapidly.
The idea is to bury the pipes deep enough that future storm runoff won't erode the riverbed enough to expose them again.
17, 2004, DASH's overcollateralization (OC) coverage ratios have continued to erode.
Of these, Friedman says, about 87,000 are on beaches or bluffs likely to erode in the next 60 years.