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Synonyms for erode

Synonyms for erode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for erode

become ground down or deteriorate

remove soil or rock


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WoodStraw[TM], the research result, is an engineered wood-strand mulch--a mix of long and short wood strands that are spread over an erodable area to control soil erosion.
Soils with high sand or silt content are the most likely soils to be highly erodable.
domestic law, responds to States' rights challenges, and fortifies the easily erodable constitutional protections upon which domestic human rights rely.
Topsoil removal exposes the subsoil, which is often more erodable than the topsoil.
Rip-rap: Large stone used to stabilize erodable surfaces.
Such as HEL (Highly Erodable Land) or does it qualify for CRP payments?
However, given the highly erodable geology of Matilija Canyon, the reservoir quickly filled with silt, estimated today at around 6 million cubic yards of material.
Because of the action of erosion as the water falls over the new headcut (a kind of small waterfall) on the erodable substrate, headcuts can often move rapidly upstream over time, causing significant erosion and change in substrate in the river or stream channel.
Population pressures and poverty push farmers into increasingly remote areas and onto increasingly steep, erodable slopes.
Loi de 2001 sur la protection de la moraine d'Oak Ridges, qui impose un arret de 6 mois a la mise en valeur de la moraine erodable d'Oak Ridges, pres de Toronto.
Slash and burn agriculture on highly erodable soil is of little concern when this US-introduced crop fetches an average of US$135 (90 [pounds sterling]) a kilogram.
In the absence of fishes, algal assemblages are dominated by easily erodable diatom communities, which undergo dramatic fluctuations in biomass in response to high discharge.
Indonesia is clearing millions of acres of tropical forest for low-quality cattle pastures and to grow low-yielding corn and soybeans on highly erodable soils to feed chickens.