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bulky greyish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail

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Government has long sought to support the built and natural heritage of Lough Erne in partnership with a range of organizations and individuals.
In 2010, the Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association named Lough Erne "Golf Resort of The Year.
8) Erne cites his own Shakespeare as Literary Dramatist (2003), which he says poses the question Shakespeare and the Book Trade attempts to answer.
The temptation, of course, will be to place it next to Literary Dramatist; Erne himself once thinks of the pair as a "diptych" (10).
Erne identifies three alternative strategies that are also available to organized labor in the EU, including: Euro-technocratization (favored by union elites with direct access to EU regulatory bodies); technocratic renationalization (embodied by competitive-corporatism); and, democratic renationalization (reaffirming the autonomy of the nation-state in an attempt to salvage the remnants of the social democratic pacts of the past).
We had started outsourcing things, and I started to look around for someone who could do specific things for my agency," Erne says.
Our dinner included a delicate crab salad with avocado mousse, pink grapefruit and ginger gazpacho dressing, and McMeel's signature dish: the Lough Erne mixed grill, featuring a range of perfectly cooked cuts from a local Fermanagh herd.
At the other side, it was a no-rush 90-minute jaunt to the resort, nestled on the banks of two loughs, Lower Lough Erne and Castle Hume Lough, in County Fermanagh.
In two more chapters, Erne records contemporary debates about editing stage action--as he details the rise of performance criticism--and current discussions about how to edit (indeed, how to identify) the "real" King Lear.
The result, says Burkhard Erne, business manager at Moog ProControl and developer of the system, is an extremely precise, energy-efficient unit that is equally effective at molding thinwall and thickwall parts, and can be scaled up for use on an injection machine of any size.
They are campaigning for the Ulster Canal between Lough Erne and Lough Neagh to be re-opened.
In a recent statement, Swiss attorney Matthias Erne pointed to his nation's admirable policy hoping that the Swiss people will not allow their leaders to alter it.
Arnold said he looks forward to the party each year because it gives him a chance to catch up with Kim Erne, a speech therapist who treated him, and marvel at the growth of her two children, Tyler and Shannon.
He is editor in chief of Les Cohiers du Musee narional d'art mod erne, published by the Centre Georges Pompidou.
Valley Erne managed to land the Irpounds 20,000 Dawn Milk Handicap Chase at Listowel on Saturday, despite living up to his reputation as an erratic jumper, writes Tony O'Hehir.