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Day and Wright (1989), examined spatial plant associations during primary succession on cinder cones in Craters of the Moon National Park and found that all late colonizers were positively associated with the inner canopy of Eriogonum ovalifolium, one of two initial colonizers.
One of their new introductions is Eriogonum umbellatum 'Shasta Sulfur', a yellow-flowered perennial with a long bloom season.
Most important variables in determining difference between cover of active and abandoned leks in 2003 were Eriogonum, Andropogon, Muhlenbergia, and Gutierrezia.
3 Sporobolus cryptandrus 0 0 -- -- -- -- Tridens muticus -- -- 0 0 0 0 Eriogonum wrightii Polygala alba -- -- -- -- 0.
The northern desert horned lizard, Phrynosoma platyrhinos platyrhinos, as a predator of the western harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, and a dispersal agent for Eriogonum baileyi.
The botanical name for the saffron buckwheat is Eriogonum crocatum.
Baccharis pilularis fills most of the garden; Eriogonum umbellatum grows around an olive tree's drip line.
Leptothrips fasciculatus larvae live inside flowers, and involucres surrounding flower clusters, on Eriogonum fasciculatum polifolium (Bentham) (Polygonales: Polygonaceae) (Wiesenborn 2012).