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a plant disease caused by the ergot fungus

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a fungus that infects various cereal plants forming compact black masses of branching filaments that replace many grains of the plant

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Ergot alkaloids are a large complex family of mycotoxins and have a long history associated with agricultural problems and human diseases.
Our mechanical equipment was no longer sufficient to achieve the standard of quality we required, given the higher level of ergot contamination we were experiencing in incoming wheat, we knew we had to act fast in order to reduce potential losses," said Laurent.
In 1647 there had been an outbreak of ergot poisoning in London.
Co-administration of cisapride, dofetilide, ergot alkaloids such as dihydroergotamine, ergotamine, ergometrine (ergonovine), and methylergometrine (methylergonovine); felodipine, levacetylmethadol (levomethadyl), lovastatin, methadone, oral midazolam, nisoldipine, pimozide, quinidine, simvastatin, and triazolam with ONMEL[TM] is contraindicated.
Ergot alkaloids are produced by the Claviceps purpurae fungus, which infects rye and other cereal grains.
Delivery had been conducted at home by an unskilled midwife and she had been administered a single intramuscular injection of ergot postpartum.
Ergot is a toxic fungus that grows on rye and other grasses.
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (including moclobemide), sympathomimetic amines, Beta-blockers and other antihypertensives, tricyclic antidepressants, ergot alkaloids, digoxin and cardiac glycosides.
September 27 2010 - Putting its latest product Mycofix to the test in several in vitro and ex vivo experiments involving ergot and endotoxin poisoning, Austrian animal nutrition firm BIOMIN proves once again its leading reputation in mycotoxins control and management.
The wheat became extremely affected by ergot disease, a toxic fungal disease.
The changes -- to allow lower protein levels and a small tolerance for ergot fungus -- mean that wheat from Western Australia, the country's top grain exporting state, can take part in tenders issued by Saudi Arabia's Grains Silos and Flour Mills Organization (GSFMO).
The official explanation was they had been inadvertently poisoned by a baker whose flour was contaminated by ergot, a fungus almost identical to LSD.
In addition, several drugs may predispose patients to Raynaud's disease: beta-blockers, ergot alkaloids, sympathomimetics, clonidine, narcotics, cocaine, methysergide, some chemotherapeutic agents (e.
And there's ergot, mind there's not much of that about now, just as well it's very poisonous and in early Victorian times bakers used infected flour, this made the bread lethal.
Back in 2007, Kramer had been living in New York for ten months basically doing nothing, while comic book artist Harkham had been working on his own material and his loosely annual, experimental comics anthology Kramer's Ergot (named half for his friend and half for a song by Big Black), but Tahli reminded the two of how they had all talked as teens about opening their own store.