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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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Under OSHA, for a task to qualify as a "recognized harm," the company must have knowledge that the task is hazardous, as evidenced by company memos and reports, the opinion of ergonomists or a workers' compensation carrier, or through attempted methods to abate the problem, reported Mr.
The IEA Elsevier John Wilson Award for the year 2015 is jointly awarded to three ergonomists who in the course of their careers have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the discipline at a global level, have developed innovative theoretical concepts and methods and have illustrated a systems approach to the design of complex systems, in the spirit that John Wilson intended
The company also incorporated feedback from medical directors, ergonomists, industrial designers, safety risk managers, operations managers and field crews.
Audience: The book is best for biomechanics professionals, researchers, motor behaviorists, and ergonomists.
Having designed over 20 million square feet of workspace in the last quarter century, Mayhew distinguishes itself with its dedicated team of experts, including workspace strategists, interior designers, ergonomists, project managers, and facility planners and managers.
The airline has worked with ergonomists and passengers to provide additional comfort while preserving overall dimensions and the carrier is scheduled to have 26 of its aircraft equipped with the new seats by summer 2011.
For students in ergonomics, human factors, and sport technology and engineering, as well as ergonomists and other health care and exercise professionals, the late Reilly (Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores U.
40th Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists Ergonomics--Think it.
According to ergonomists, employers should target two areas--prolonged, static postures and whole-body vibration--to reduce back pain in drivers.
To show workers there is no reason to be suffering discomfort, BT Business worked with Margaret Hanson, one of the UK's leading ergonomists, to publish the guide.
Dempsey of Franklin has been elected a fellow of the Ergonomics Society, a United Kingdom-based professional organization for ergonomists.
Lean champions, lean team members, manufacturing engineers and managers, and subject matter experts for ergonomics and human performance will learn to leverage ergonomic principles in lean manufacturing activities from Humantech's experienced, board-certified ergonomists.
The Ergonamic back is a radically innovative back support, incorporating disruptive technology, that has been developed over six years by Nick Williams, with advice from leading occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ergonomists, and Cardiff University.
Employers frequently are concerned that ergonomics services will turn into a buying frenzy--new desks here, new chairs there--but a lot of work environments are fairly adjustable, and good ergonomists will try to work within budgets and make the best use of what's on hand.