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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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As some may recall, ergonomics was a very hot topic for OSHA in the 1990s.
If I look back at when I joined Gorbel, we have been talking about ergonomics since the mid-1980s, but it didn't come to the fore until the mid-1990s.
This environment gave me a fuller appreciation of how human factors and ergonomics fit and contribute to the world.
In each setting, a value stream approach was taken to optimize the ergonomics and injury management processes, improving worker safety and proving its value to corporate leaders.
The company said the 16-page free publication identifies the barriers to and the opportunities for successfully managing workplace ergonomics, following a series of benchmarking studies conducted over the past 10 years.
This study investigated the emphasis given to the application of principles of ergonomics to the use of computers by students within metropolitan and rural high schools in South Australia.
I first met Hal in Wuhan, China, in 1992 at the inauguration of the Pan-pacific Ergonomics Conference.
Ergonomics program is one of the tools for sustainable improvement of the efficiency of human labor in business.
To begin a program, CPA firms can create an internal ergonomics committee to gather information and seek training or hire a consultant.
The closing principle is said to result in better overall ergonomics and shorter dry cycle times.
Ergonomics is one of those things few of us ever think about, not because it's obscure but because it's so effective we take it for granted.
Lean champions, lean team members, manufacturing engineers and managers, and subject matter experts for ergonomics and human performance will learn to leverage ergonomic principles in lean manufacturing activities from Humantech's experienced, board-certified ergonomists.
She tackled the case with a safety expert who studied the ergonomics, or the physical setup of the workplace, while Shafer considered communication, training and employment procedures such as prolonged work periods or lack of task rotation.
In the 1990s, OSHA began to crack down on violations, and in 2000 the agency developed a controversial set of ergonomics standards that met with strong objections from many industries, including warehousing.