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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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Workrite Ergonomics provided the height adjustable workcenters and flat panel monitor supports and coordinated the installation and set-up of the ergonomic equipment used in the study.
In each setting, a value stream approach was taken to optimize the ergonomics and injury management processes, improving worker safety and proving its value to corporate leaders.
The company said the 16-page free publication identifies the barriers to and the opportunities for successfully managing workplace ergonomics, following a series of benchmarking studies conducted over the past 10 years.
This study investigated the emphasis given to the application of principles of ergonomics to the use of computers by students within metropolitan and rural high schools in South Australia.
An ergonomics program will require a change in firm mind-set, whether it be adjustable keyboards for all or mini rest breaks throughout the day.
Data download and mold set-up speeds are said to have been substantially improved, as well, via proprietary software and enhanced ergonomics.
Ergonomics is the use of science to produce human- friendly designs.
According to Mike Wynn, certified professional ergonomist and vice president of Humantech, "The Applied Lean Ergonomics course adds a unique set of tools to the lean tool kit for organizations to accelerate their lean journey.
Michelle Robertson, who leads research on office ergonomics or office work system design at Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, said that years of studies have indicated that high absenteeism stems from a combination of the physical demands as well as the mental demands on these workers.
The Committee was chartered to advise the assistant secretary on a number of issues involving information on various industry or task specific guidelines including: identification of gaps in the existing research on ergonomics and the application of ergonomic principles to the workplace; current and projected research needs and efforts; methods of providing outreach and assistance to communicate the value of ergonomics to employers and employees; and ways to increase communication among stakeholders on the issue of ergonomics.
Focus largely on environmental and economic characteristics, and ergonomics could suffer.
We'll consult with the person on the ergonomics and what is the correct way they should be working in their office .
The National Safety Council has given up its 13-year quest to come up with national ergonomics guidelines for the American National Standards Institute after the Institute told the council to finish the job in 60 days.
There are now some well established degree courses available in the UK on ergonomics alone, although ergonomics is also a part of most 3D or furniture design courses.