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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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This modern, ergonomically designed fire kit provides improved protection to firefighters during incidents, as well as enhanced wearer comfort that reduces the effects of heat stress.
The ergonomically designed seats are not only comfortable but provide health benefits as well," said Alba chief medical officer Dr Elham Al Eid.
The pump's ergonomically advanced actuator is available in metal or plastic, and in classic or smoothly sculpted designer versions, according to the company.
But it's the ergonomically designed wheel that excites him: 'Potter's wheels have been around for hundreds of years but it has still taken us three years, working with four prototypes, to get it right.
now offers ergonomically designed cleaning and finishing tools fitted with bails and zero gravity balancers.
Herman Miller's Aeron chair, made popular during the new technology and dot-com explosion of the 1990s, is ergonomically designed to allow its users greater flexibility.
Tumi's T3 line features luggage with ergonomically correct wheels and handles that alternate for left-handed and right-handed use.
Ergonomically designed operator's cab is 5 percent larger than in previous models
It is ergonomically sound due to the backrest that provides perfect back support even when changing sitting positions.
The Welch Allyn Ear Wash System is portable, with an ergonomically designed water chamber and an irrigating handle that allows the practitioner to perform the procedure quickly with a solid grip on the apparatus.
The Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation has ergonomically engineered the Matrix Modular Console System.
Backpack makers are now touting ergonomically friendly designs in their back-to-school promotions.
The truck features an ergonomically designed pull rod, handle and control levers that ensure the correct posture of the operator whilst in action.
Repetitive-stress injuries, such as these cited by ergonomics expert Marvin Dainoff during comments this spring on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's proposed ergonomic standards, are fueling increased emphasis on ergonomically correct working conditions.
Contrary to earlier reports, the agency had decided that federal law did not require the homes of the nation's 20 million telecommuting employees to be free of such hazards as inadequate lighting, dangling power cords, ergonomically incorrect seating, rickety stairs, and drafty or stuffy ventilation conditions.