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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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58% of the included studies reported warm up period along with passive stretching, calisthenics and range of motion exercises, ergometric bike exercise, free active exercises, and resisted active exercises in association or not.
However, tight controls over many ergometric parameters (such as isolation of the gastroc-soleus muscle group, range of motion, and force requirements necessary for work and power calculations) are lacking.
When comparing the mean MHR obtained by Petajan et al (11) during ergometric exercise testing of individuals with MS (175 beats/minute), to the mean 6MWT [HR.
8) The same research group then tested the effect of nine weeks' intake of 200 mg of ginseng extract (about 1 g of root) on the performance of 20 elite athletes in an open study using a graded ergometric test.
Linear Exercise Testing Protocol The patients performed a bicycle ergometric test using a linear increase in workload until volitional exhaustion was reached.