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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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Taking into account that the right exercise prescription and effective exercise training require a pre-participation medical examination and a stress test, we can infer from our results that when a sedentary person exercises on an arm crank ergometer, without a specific stress test to provide the maximal HR and monitor the blood pressure response, it would be safer and healthier to monitor him/her according to the RPE scale, assigning a task of working at an exercise intensity lower than 12, instead of using the indirectly determined HR method.
In order to validate ergometer usage in laboratory testing of athletes, a quantitative assessment of task specificity must be established.
Furthermore, this study was conducted on a stationary bicycle ergometer under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, while the Oxycon Mobile is an apparatus suitable for field tests.
2012) show that recruitment patterns in AD are being significantly altered even at low ergometer recoil tensions (T1 to T2).
The monitor of the Concept II Model D rowing ergometer significantly overestimated the energy expenditure during low and moderate intensity exercises.
Chris Boddy, who represented Great Britain at Under-23 level and at the Youth Olympics staged in Australia, and Bob Hewitt, who is currently ranked in the top seven in the country on the ergometer tests, will be competing in Boston, Lincolnshire, this weekend as they endeavour to qualify for the Olympic trials in Belgium.
Characteristics of Included Studies Study Interventions Sample size Type of compared by at baseline intervention group and (study completion) Coppoolse 1) Interval training 1) 10 (9) Cycle ergometer 1999 (17) 2) Continuous 2) 11 (10) training Both interventions were concurrent with a pulmonary rehabilitation program Gimenez 1) High intensity 1) 7 (7) 1) Cycle 2000 (18) interval training 2) 6 (6) ergometer (maximal) 2) Walking while pushing 2) Moderate [O.
Tyurin also performed maintenance on a Russian ergometer and removed the volatile organic analyzer from the Crew Health Care Systems rack to prepare it for routine maintenance.
We managed to get a couple of days down in Devon and James took the ergometer rowing machine with him in this tiny hotel room.
Research from the University of Wisconsin compared an elliptical trainer to a treadmill, a stair stepper, and a cycle ergometer.
Upper body ergometer *12 minutes on a random programme
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The 2002 GB lightweight single's champion will be hoping that's enough for a call-up to the final trials, but first up the Heath electrician will be hoping to turn on the power on the rowing machine against the world's best ergometer performers.
Using the Quinton Q-Stress data acquisition and ECG analysis combined with the Medical Positioning Echo(TM) Bed with a built-in ergometer, clinicians can complete an exercise stress echo procedure without moving the patient from an exercise device to an examination table -- when important clinical data can be lost.