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positive recurrent aperiodic state of stochastic systems

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Equation (19) represents the final expression for the ergodic capacity of the CR-OC system.
Ergodic Literature: Sample Chapter from Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature.
More precisely, we will prove for all such flows that every nonatomic ergodic measure whose Lyapunov exponents off the flow direction are all negative is supported on an attracting periodic orbit.
Ergodic dynamics and thermalization in an isolated quantum system.
Characteristic Lyapunov exponents and smooth ergodic theory," Russian Math.
We know that if a system has some ergodic properties, it can be described with an ergodic graph.
Table 3 Regime-switching Model Probabilistic Results Exchange Rate Transition probability Ergodic Expected duration of matrix P Probabilities system in each regime State 0 1 0 0.
In fact, the stronger summation holds for all ergodic representations and is equivalent to the (weak) mean ergodic theorem of von Neumann.
The PDF describing the frequency with which the various states of an ergodic chain occur approaches a stationary distribution after a sufficiently large number of transitions--the so-called burn-in time.
1) I offer here as a starting point reflections, with application to a test case, on three keywords that have already proven to be fertile sites of speculation: ergodic, used to denote text that requires non-trivial reader decision-making; flow, applied to the practices of media continuity; and sociability, or the creation of media occasion.
In [7], when A = [partial derivative][phi] where [phi] is a proper, convex and lower semicontinuous function, we proved an ergodic theorem and a weak convergence theorem for solutions to (1), by assuming (2), (3), (4) and that [t.
In Cybertext Poetics, Eskelinen proposes to 'cross the unnecessary divide between traditional literary studies of mainly nonergodic texts and digital literary studies of mainly ergodic texts' (p.
Finally some properties of the system are derived, including support properties, atomicness, implications of infinite starting mass and a discrete approximation, and ergodic properties.
The estimated ergodic distribution, shown at the bottom of the matrix, suggests that if these convergence patterns would remain constant in the long run, the distribution would become bimodal.