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an abnormally high degree of irritability or sensitivity to stimulation of an organ or body part

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In Illinois, public health surveillance did not identify any cases of acrodynia or clinically overt mercury poisoning (manifested by erethism, tremor, and gingivitis) as a result of these exposures.
The trial was conducted in male and female, adult outpatients who suffered from states of anxiety, tension and/or erethism (diagnosis according to DSM-III-R: agoraphobia [300.
On the contrary, they lift up their skirts to show him their "periodic erethism of the sexual centers.
This anthology is both an obvious provocation that runs the risk of erethism (as does the Museum of Jurassic Technology, for that matter) and a refreshing archive that embraces the cul-de-sacs and phantom limbs of literature, and cultivates curiosity in those crevices.
0] is associated with symptoms of erethism, characterized by irritability, depression, introversion, apprehension, loss of self-confidence, and other nonspecific symptoms (WHO 1976, 1991, 2003).