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a Christian recluse

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ancient fervour'), but also to his invocations of the religious as a viable desideratum for modern subjectivity: for instance, the Ode's final anticipation of "warm love," or, in the sonnet "Bright Star," the "steadfast" celestial body that watches "like nature's patient, sleepless Eremite / The moving waters at their priestlike task" (4-5).
Petrarch-Actaeon, the anchorite or eremite of love: One day hunting, as I used to do, l went, and that beast, beautiful and savage, in a fountain naked stood, at the time when the sun was burning strongest.
Half-sister to G2 winner The Lone Ranger (by Shelter Half), Listed winners Green Book (by Golden Act) and Eremite (by Spring Double), and G1-placed Dancing Pretense (by Dancing Count).
The muzzle blast and flash that would normally eremite from such a short barrel is virtually eliminated by a special muzzle-mounted device known as a VortX flash suppressor and compensator.
That's precisely what the young painter Julian does, forswearing experience as compulsively as an eremite, and Skillings never calls him on it.