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a person or business that makes or builds something

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With the expertise of the iconic Erector brand, the precision construction and attention-to-detail will engage the older fans and collectors, while the easy-to-follow instructions and cool vehicle designs will make it a fun experience for younger fans who haven't yet played the video game.
I ended up working in a garage then becoming a steel erector which as ironic as I'm scared of heights.
The SIAT products that Linkx is offering include case tapers, closers and erectors, pallet stretch wrappers, Columbia strapping tools, conveyors, automatic pallet wrapping systems and shrink-wrapping machines.
Our technical team offers custom solutions including robotic engineered systems for top loading, palletizing, depalletizing and magazine loading; top load case packers and secondary packaging equipment solutions including case erectors, case sealers, bag inserters & uncuffers, beverage equipment and specialized products.
Endoline installed a 221 Case Erector which fed boxes into the Moba CP 12 case packer via a conveyor system which was synchronized to deal with the high demand required from both sides of the Moba CP12 Case Packer.
The steel erector for the project was American Steel Erectors, Inc.
Headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, CST is a leading global manufacturer and erector of factory coated metal storage tanks.
The Box Erector Machine is one of the latest additions to the T Freemantle product family, as a direct result of customer demand for such machines.
After students took turns tugging at the erector spinae, a large muscle of the back that straightens and supports the vertebral column and the head and pulls the ribs downward, junior David Tracy, 16, said it felt ``kind of like a rubber hose.
The metal fabricator and erector for the project was Allied Bronze corp.
ARPAC Europe has added to its wide range of end-of-line packaging machines with a new case erector that offers a first in case erecting automation.
Among their many exclusive features are the TrueZero adjustment system that replaces the traditional spring design with a flex erector tube that makes them more reliable and rugged than traditional scopes, and True Zero dials that make adjustments accurate and readable.
Schuff International is a fully integrated fabricator and erector of structural steel and heavy steel plate.
With the Baseline, OYSTAR A+F is introducing a servo-controlled tray erector that features a number of technical innovations.
in 1979 after he invented and patented a construction toy that is a space-age cross between Legos and Erector Sets.