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Synonyms for erectness

the property of being upright in posture


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position at right angles to the horizon

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In the human soul personal erectness has become a fact.
The authors reasoned that, based on crop models, the root architecture in general and the root angle in particular likely had a more profound impact on the maize yield increases over the past decades than aboveground indicators, such as leaf erectness.
An important function of cell wall silica in Equisetum is in maintenance of shoot erectness (Kaufman et al.
He positions human erectness as a pivotal rupture that confers upon humanity a dominion over the animal, for although rendered vulnerable by their nakedness and lack of teeth, claws, fur, feathers, and shells, human beings are nevertheless endowed with rationality and with hands that transform them into toolmakers.
Earlier we suggested that the brothers interpreted the erectness physically, a desire for attainment of physical maturity.
Asana (disciplining the body to stillness and erectness in meditation); 4.
The Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index (BASMI) is a composite measure of spinal and pelvic mobility that includes erectness of posture, neck rotation, forward flexion and side-to-side flexion of the lower spine, and outward movement of the legs at the hip joints.